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Our Products

m500 Navigation Device

Always those who want more, M500

  • Easier ways with 5" LCD screen
  • IGO My Way 8 to 81 provinces and 548 districts at your fingertips
  • Listen to music, view photos and watch films!
  • With Bluetooth hands-free phone calls
  • FM Transmitter

m350 Navigation Device

Esthetic and useful... m350 enough for you!

  • Stylish and slim design
  • Igo my way 8 to 548 districts in 81 provinces at your
  • Listen to music, view photos
  • Powerful system

TM100V Magnetic Vehicle Tracking

Around The World,In All Circumstances...

  • Small sized magnetic gps tracker device
  • Can easily be able to attached to any metal surface of any object
  • With hight quality GPS and GSM Module
  • Ultra low power consumption
  • IP67 waterproof features

RMC 2000S Multi Configuration Cradle

Many Features On One System

  • Safety Connection
  • Perfect opportunity for follow-up
  • PND Screen
  • Everytime save data on internal memory

Offline Vehicle Tracking

Without GSM Module

  • Tracking can be done without SIM card
  • There is no extra cost or periodic payment
  • All in one system which have vehicle tracking, navigation and TMPS (optional)
  • Route and mission assignment with navigation device

TM200P Personal Talkie Tracker

Intended to bring comfort!

  • User is able to record / track / geo-tag the device position on our user-friendly server. Even GPS is not fixed indoor or in weak signal area, use can also get reference position from AGPS function (Cell ID) on server.
  • TR-206 is a professional tracker system specially designed for children's and elders' uses. It enables user two-way voice communication, emergency rescue locator and real time tracking report.
  • Besides, user is entitled to freely set up "Geo-fence" to monitor and track beloved ones when they move away from the safe zone or get into dangerous area.

m500 Navigation Device and TPMS

Roads are safer now

  • %13 reduces accident risk!
  • The tire is the ideal tire pressure with sensor assurance!
  • Increase durability and increase the life of your tires
  • The correct tire pressure and low fuel consumption
  • Communication via radio frequency


Solutions in the treatment of very special!

  • Retrieve patient data at bedside for optimal point-of-care treatment.
  • Instant access to patient medical history for real-time diagnosis.
  • Accurately capture and record patient symptoms during an emergency
  • Increase productivity and decrease oppurtunies for error through documentation directly at point-of-care.

SmarTV Smart TV Converter

TV has never been so much fun.

Led's Park Car

Generic sensor system for garages
Locating available parking spaces

  • Optimized occupancy of parking spaces.
  • The generic system detects all sorts of cars and had a high accuracy, also in the dark or in harsh weather conditions.
  • The system works indoors and outdoors and needs little maintenance.
  • Applicable in new garages but the system can also be placed afterwards.
  • Works 100% online, therefore the data is always and everywhere available.
  • Focus on the user: higher satisfaction with visitors.

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