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Kazakhstan National Highway Authority (KazAutoZhol)– ETC Project

CUSTOMER: KazAutoZhol – Kazakhstan


The context of the Project is installation, operation and maintenance of an Electronic Toll Collection system on the highways between Astana and Atbasar, and Shimkent-Kizilorda cities of Kazakhstan.

The entire system shall be built on a turnkey basis, comprising the expansion of the roads at the toll collection plazas, building of all the facilities at the plaza and gantry locations, installation of the required electronic equipment, development and integration of entire software systems from lane to back office level.  Vendeka shall be responsible for the operation and maintenance of the system for a peiod of 7.5 years, 13 months of which is foreseen to be completion of the erection of the system.

The contract has been signed between Vendeka and KazAvtoZhol (KAZ), the national highway authority of Republic of Kazakhstan, on May 2014.



•11 locations

•4 locations are regular toll collection plazas, 7 are free-flow gantries.

•2 highways (220 km between Astana-Atbasar, 450 km between Shimkent-Kizilorda)

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