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RMC 2000S Multi Configuration Cradle

Many Features On One System

  • Safety Connection
  • Perfect opportunity for follow-up
  • PND Screen
  • Everytime save data on internal memory
o It can send data to server when status change is
detected or with remotely changeable periods.
o By Watchdog Timer feature, the system runs continuously
and provides the perfect opportunity to follow-up.
o It provides opportunity to see GPS, GPRS, Ig niti on
and TPMS symbols on PND screen.
o When GPRS connection loss, cradle can save data o n it s
internal memory. (up to 1000 GPS data)
o Digital input for ignition (5.5-36V) 
o Cradle can get the needed power from vehicle battery.
o Cradle has 2 mini USB Ports (for GPS mouse and TPMS sensors)
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