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Led's Park Car

Generic sensor system for garages
Locating available parking spaces

  • Optimized occupancy of parking spaces.
  • The generic system detects all sorts of cars and had a high accuracy, also in the dark or in harsh weather conditions.
  • The system works indoors and outdoors and needs little maintenance.
  • Applicable in new garages but the system can also be placed afterwards.
  • Works 100% online, therefore the data is always and everywhere available.
  • Focus on the user: higher satisfaction with visitors.

The system registers the presence of every car in a garage. This information is used to help car drivers locate available parking spaces by means of LED-lighting and reference signs. Next to that, it helps the manager with a proper management of the garage, because parking patterns of users can easily be obtained. Parts of the garage can be closed when there are a smaller amount of cars is parked and therefore ventilation and lightning costs can be saved. The sensors of LED’s Park Car work with ultrasonic radiation whereby all cars are detected. This takes place in an invisible manner and for low costs.

Technical specifications


Vehicle detector

Housing              ABS, IP42

Dimensions       diameter: 71 mm. height: 31 mm.

Power supply   24 VDC

Sensor                 Ultrasonic

Certificates        CE; RoHS compliant


LED Modules

Housing              aluminum/polycarbonate, IP42

Dimensions       diameter: 20 mm. height: 91 mm.

Power supply   direct from DET-LPC vehicle detector

LED's                     High brightness red/green (optional blue)

Certificates        CE; RoHS compliant


Dynamic guidance signs

Housing              aluminum, IP42

Dimensions       700x300x150mm

Power supply   230 VAC

LED's                     RGB

Certificates        CE; RoHS compliant

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