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Offline Vehicle Tracking

Without GSM Module

  • Tracking can be done without SIM card
  • There is no extra cost or periodic payment
  • All in one system which have vehicle tracking, navigation and TMPS (optional)
  • Route and mission assignment with navigation device


Navigation Device

o Device can be a guide for you from anywhere to anywhere.
o POIs and routes can be assigned to navigation devices by PC software via USB cable.
o Device attached and detached status can be logged into navigation devices.

Tracking and Management Software

o The software can be able to create customized reports with data that created by navigation devices.
o Mission assignment, showing data on map, listing several types of reports and device registering processes can be done with the software.



o Vehicle tracking devices are designed as a cradle that attachable with a navigation device.
o Ignition connection can be made directly.
o GPS data can be saved to navigation device when navigation device attached to vehicle tracking device(cradle).
o When navigation device is not attached to vehicle tracking device(cradle), GPS data will be saved into cradle.
o The system also supports online vehicle tracking too.
o The system supports TPMS(Tire Pressure Monitoring System) tracking systems.


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