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The Top 10 Reasons Customers Choose VENDEKA

The VENDEKA Customer Experience: VENDEKA combines strong performance with a partnership approach that delivers tangible, bottom line benefits through committing expertise and resources towards customer goals. It’s one of many reasons why most VENDEKA customers have been with us for more than 5 years, and some more than 10 years.

Our People: VENDEKA’s customer-based teams are tied to the customer at a strategic and organizational level. Our people get the job done in an environment that celebrates collaboration and teamwork. We foster a participatory workplace that enables people, at every level of the organization, to get involved in making decisions that put the customer first

Operational Counterpart: We take the time to understand our customers’ business objectives, end markets, performance expectations, competitive advantage, positioning and strategy – to drive better value. We get involved with our customers at both a strategic and operational level. Inevitably, we become an extension of their business, helping our customers grow by making them more competitive, improving their margins, and helping them gain market share.

Executive Mindshare: VENDEKA fully engages with its customers on many levels – from operational and executive mindshare, to custom-tailored solutions to its strategic partnership approach. Senior management is accessible to and involved with customers. Our customers receive the attention they need from some of the best minds in the business.

Strategic Fit: Fit matters. Winning OEMs look for winning manufacturing partners. VENDEKA mitigates the risk of outsourcing and consistently delivers results and value. That’s why nine of our top ten customers are number one in their respective markets.

Global Footprint: VENDEKA offers the best strategic and operational footprint with 3 technology centers worldwide. Our facilities are strategically located across a broad footprint in the Middle East and Europe Region and Taiwan.

Superior Value: VENDEKA works collaboratively with customers to identify, prioritize and implement opportunities for cost reduction every step of the way. Working collaboratively helps ensure superior service, operations excellence and continuous cost improvement.

Customized Solutions: VENDEKA is proactive – we provide innovative manufacturing solutions responsive to the dynamics of the customer’s marketplace.

Technical Capabilities and Expertise: VENDEKA offers the full range of services – from PCBA to end customer fulfillment, from box build to fully integrated solutions. We understand every aspect of leading edge manufacturing. Our capabilities , capacity and structure help reduce the time to market and deliver competitive advantage.

Supply Chain: VENDEKA supply chain systems and processes are designed to accommodate the customer’s dynamic business environment. Our global supply chain works closely with strategic and preferred suppliers to deliver highly effective sourcing solutions and optimal pricing. VENDEKA supply chain management lowers the total cost of ownership, provides optimal pricing, mitigates inventory risk, builds in flexibility and reduces time-to-market in an "imperfect world".

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